Author: Jane Arthur

Jane Arthur was born in Northern Ireland and moved to Liverpool with her family in the 1980s. Her love of food was inspired by helping her mother to cook for her 6 brothers and sisters, as she is the eldest child. Jane worked as a writer on a local paper for 3 years before getting a job working on a fashion magazine in London. She interviewed a number of fashion designers but her favourite was Vivienne Westwood, whose love of colour she can empathise with.

Jane met her husband Michael at a film premiere, he was working as a security guard and Jane had been given tickets by a journalist colleague. They decided to make their family home in New Brighton as Jane has always yearned to live by the sea. Jane and Michael ran a cyber cafe for a few years but now Jane concentrates on her cooking and writing. They have a daughter called Amber, who is two years old. Amber loves to help her Mum cooking, particularly cakes and cookies.

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